Racing Sled Lineup

   Our racing Line-up Has begun, The first in this line is the TT70. 

   This sled has 8 ft. runners, comes standard with QCR plastic, Double Claw Brake, and poly rope Bridle. It has a 68" bed, Hinsley Foot boards will give you great grip on the runners. This sled is light, weighing in at 37 lbs. complete. It will glide down the trail spectacularly and with amazing flexibility. The bed is also easily removed when it's time to refinish. This has been a great distance sled and handles very well on curvy trails.  This sled is also very tough. 

                                            Here It Is, The TT70 Light And Flexible



                                                              All Prices Are In U.S.D 

                              Price -$1295.00 with wood Runners

                                        -$1795.00 with REX* Runners

     * These runners are from Prairie Bilt Sleds and are Trademarked

                        Call (715) 651-3530 for shipping prices 




     The TT45 is a lite and very flexible mid-distance sled which will handle corners very well and is as tough as the TT70.  The bed is 45 inches long and 5 inches off the ground.  It has 8 foot QCR runners.