Dog Sleds


The Kicker --------All Prices Are In U.S. $

     This sled is built to handle whatever you can dish out. It is built from White ash and hand tied like all the bigger sleds, has screw on UHMW plastic on runners and a 1/2 inch brushbow.


    Sled Dimensions:

Length- 60 Inches

Bed length- 29 Inches

Runner length- 46 Inches

            Price- $409.00                                                                                                                Info and photos on the CJ Racer coming in the fall of 2010. The CJ Racer is a child size sprint sled like the bigger sleds and has the old style claw brake and screw on runner plastic as the standard. It has 6 ft. runners  and will be 7 ft. overall in length.


Trail Twister

    The Trail Twister is the first model we built.  It is one of our favorite, and is a great
short to mid-distance sled. This sled will come standard with QCR plastic.

Length:  109 Inches

Bed length:  49 Inches

Runner length:  8 Feet

        Price-  $955.00

Trail Twister Heavy Duty

    This sled is built for a load.  It's a mid to long distance sled with the same handling
characteristics as the Trail Twister.  The heavy duty model has added stanchions and 20 inches more bed length. This sled will come with QCR.

    This sled has been tested with 6 dogs pulling 450 lbs. and over 16 miles and has held up beautifully. It is a very strong sled and would hold up to about anything you want to put it through. I have personally put 500 miles on the sled pictured and I love the ride. It shows practically no wear and  is very flexible. We have also taken tours out with this sled and the customers love the sled and love to drive the team with it. 


 Same as the original Trail Twister, but has a 69 inch bed

       Price-  $995.00





Freight Train

    The Freight Train is our version of the old freighter sleds.  It weighs in at around 40 lbs, much lighter than the old originals and still built to handle a good payload. This sled comes standard with QCR.


       Sled Dimensions:

Length:  109 Inches

Runner length:  8 Feet

      Price-  $1070.00


Super Liner

    The Super Liner is our first toboggan bottom sled and is also our largest, with a bed length of 8' and width of 20".  You'll be sure to get everything to camp in one load.This sled comes with QCR. This is much lighter than most people thought, it only weighs in at around 50 LBS.                                    Sled Dimensions:

Length:  11Feet

Bed length:  8 Feet

Runner length:  10 Feet

    Price- $1384.00


The Ahlberg Sled

    The Trainer Sled is a new model in our lineup.  It is completely hand tied with rawhide to  give it a classic look that people with love.  This sled has a 33"x1/4" toboggan bottom in the front.  It will allow 2 drivers plus a passenger in the basket with the rear basket large enough for the trainee to sit if needed. This sled will come standard with with QCR. 

     Sled Dimensions:

Length:  9 Feet

Bed length: 21 Inch Front|10 Inch Rear

Runner length: 8 Feet                      Larger Versions of this Sled can be built on Request

    Price- $1609.00                   Hand tied Baskets available add $100.00 on This sled

                       Call (715)-558-8864 for shipping prices

Add QCR to any sled:  $110.00
Add Aluminum Rex* Runners:  8 Feet $525.00  10 Feet $585.00
Add snow hook:  $45.00
Add drag mat:  $35.00

Repair Parts
Laminated wood handle:  $105.00
Laminated wood runners:  $175.00 per pair
Foot boards:                   $51.00 per pair        Solid Rubber  $60.00