All of our sleds are built using select White Ash. They are built in the classic way,hand tied with Rawhide and then finished with 4 coats of Marine Grade Varnish. The front of our sleds are built so that the height at the top of the runners is at 12 1/2 to 15 inches to protect your wheel dogs hips from being hurt by pulling down on them.

      We have been around dog sledding for 39 years and began building sleds 4 years ago with a lot of advice from experts in the racing field. We have began running dogsleds again and are slowly building a mid to long distance team and currently use our team for testing new sled models ourselves along with putting them in the hands of top racers for the same purpose.
      Our sleds have laminated wood handles, runners and side rails. We use 1/2 inch UHMW plastic for brushbows to keep the sled protected. They will come with 3/8 poly rope full bridles and a double claw brake system, (except the CJ Racer which comes with the old claw brake), and Hinsley footboards. Other options are available upon request.

        Our racing sleds are built with weight in mind and are kept as light as possible without affecting the integrity of the sled. We use 1/2 " UHMW plastic for the handle and brushbow allowing for great flexibility. The brake claws are made of stainless steel with replaceable carbide points and come standard with QCR plastic on laminated white ash runners. Aluminum Rex* runners can be added as an option if you would like. Sled bags, custom fit to the sled are being designed and will also be an available option next fall.